One of China’s biggest problems, in addition to overcrowding, is the extremely intense working regime which tends to become inhuman, whether people work in factories, construction sites or offices.

An extremely simple solution leaps to their rescue

For the equivalent of just $1.50, they can rent a capsule to take a nap in the middle of the day.

In order to use a sleeping capsule, the Chinese can pay via China’s WeChat smartphone application.



Once the payment is registered you can select your favorite capsule and after you’re done, you can block the capsule via the same application.

Each sleeping spot is equipped with USB plugs and sockets for your phone, tablet or laptop in order to charge the battery while you are taking a nap.

The whole idea belongs to Han Yue, a Chinese entrepreneur, who was inspired by a similar company from Japan that turned these capsules into a hotel.

The service is operational only in Beijing and it’s mostly addressed to middle-class people, who work more than 10 hours per day.

The unusual startup wants to expand in the near future in other major Chinese cities such as Quingdao, Nanjing or Shenzen.

Considering the price, the popular sleeping capsule center Xiangshui Space has no rival.

It’s pretty much cheaper than anything else.