Donald and Melania Trump just arrived in Paris

The Air Force One landed in the French capital, where the presidential couple will spend the next two days.

President Trump and his First Lady honored the invitation of French counterpart Emmanuel Macron.

The US president will attend the ceremonies dedicated to the National Day of France and, in the meantime, he will spend two days away from the scandal in which Junior is involved.

Before embarking on the diplomatic and commemorative part of the visit, Trump has scheduled a meeting with US military and civilian staff.



Also, tonight, the US presidential couple will have dinner with Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron at a luxury restaurant situated on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.

During the two-day visit, the US president will have the opportunity to be one of the guests of honor at the national day parade and he will also visit Napoleon Bonaparte’s tomb at the Dôme des Invalides.

The two presidents will watch the military parade on the Champs-Elysees while a group of American militants will parade alongside their French allies to mark the 100th year since American joined the World War I.



Thousands of police officers and constables were designated to secure the area on Friday, for the National Day of France

Considering the parade set to unfold on Champs Elysees will also be attended by American President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the French national security department mobilized an army of 11.000 policemen in order to ensure the celebrations will finalize without any incident.

This year, France’s national holiday takes place “in the context of an increased terrorist threat”, according to French prefect Michel Delpuech.