Urging everybody to call her John instead of Shiloh and her predilection to wear boys clothing transformed Angelina’s daughter into… her son.

During the last year, there have been rumors the 11-year-old told her mother that she wants to become a boy and she has begun some treatments in order to complete her gender transformation.

Not Angelina and former husband Brad Pitt didn’t confirm any of these speculations, although the fact that the toddler looks just like a boy became pretty obvious after these pictures have emerged.

The images were taken during their last visit in Namibia, where the actress took Shiloh to the Wildlife Sanctuary, set to be inaugurated this month.

In these pictures Shiloh appears next to other boys, wearing boyish clothes and behaving exactly “like one of the boys” and if you wouldn’t know that she is Angelina’s daughter, you would swear that she is a boy.

Regarding the sanctuary, Angie decided that this place should bear the name of her firstborn, given that Shiloh came to the world in Namibia 11 years ago.

The sanctuary was founded by the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, for which both Angie and Brad Pitt donated fabulous sums over the years.

Through this sanctuary, Angie and Shiloh hope that rhinos and elephants on the verge of extinction will have a chance to live.

“Shiloh’s face lit up when she saw the sanctuary for the first time. The chosen name was a surprise to her. (…) The purpose of this sanctuary is to assist and care for rhinos and elephants which have been injured or who have remained orphans”, said Angelina Jolie.