St Maarten tourist

The airport from St Maarten is notorious for its runway beside a popular beach

However, although the authorities launched numerous warnings throughout the years, the tourists are constantly defying the rules and they insist on taking pictures near the trail.

However, a few days ago a tourist was killed after she was, literally, knocked down by a Boeing 737 which was just taking off from the Princess Juliana Airport, on the St. George Island.

According to The Independent, the 57-year-old was from New Zealand and instead of enjoying a relaxing vacation, she met her end.

Apparently, the victim was staying at the other end of the trail staring at the aircraft while taking off when she was knocked down.

On the way to the hospital, she died.

The St Maarten Airport is certainly one of the most dangerous airports in the world – for both tourists and passengers.

St. Maarten is located in Philipsburg, Netherlands Antilles, in the Dutch area of St.Maarten.

The airport is located at an altitude of four meters above sea level and has a 2.300 meters long trail.

SXM Airport is very popular due to the very low approach and its famous jet-blast.

When pilots are preparing their landing on 10th direction, between the aircraft and the people who are on the famous Maho Beach it’s just a beat.

Also, when the pilots are taking off, they have to make a steep turn to the right to avoid a mountain situated about 200 meters from an end of the runway.