Mile long lines to pay taxes are a literal nightmare for anyone

Except for the Estonians, who are forced to make all their payments on the Internet.

In fact, Estonians claim that only three things cannot be done online in their own country – you cannot get married, you cannot divorce, and you cannot buy a house.

Aaand that’s not because it’s not technically possible, but because these are important decisions and a human filter is crucial.

Also thanks to computerization, the Estonian treasury is also one of the most efficient in the world – the financial authority spends only 40 cents in order to collect 100 euros, while in Germany in order to obtain the same amount, Merkel’s state is spending four times more than Estonians.

Estonia is, in fact, the first country in the world to open an e-embassy

It will happen in 2018 in Luxembourg.

Considered one of the most connected countries in the world, Estonia has taken a step in this direction after it decided to open Luxembourg’s first e-embassy in 2018, where it will stock its data banks.

The Luxembourg Embassy would mainly store classified information on imports, companies, identity documents, pensions, legislation, and census.

The virtual embassy aims to ensure the country’s electronic continuity, states Emilie Toomela, spokesperson for Estonia’s Ministry of Economy and Communications.