EU urges companies to stop following their employees on Facebook

Companies should not have the right to check the Facebook or Twitter accounts of their job seekers, unless they have a “legal reason” to do that, claims a data protection group from Europe.

In fact, the group came up with a full guide in order to strengthen its theory.

The document suggests that employers should first consider whether that social media account is personal or dedicated to business.

Additionally, companies are only allowed to look at posts or data “relevant to the job they are applying for” and not for personal posts.

Under no circumstances, companies can force a potential employee to “become social media friend” with the recruiter or to make their profile public.

The same rule also applies to current employees, companies having no power to force workers to provide them access to any of their social media accounts.

Ultimately, companies should not force employees to use any social media account created by their employer.

If it is used for work then the employee should have an alternative, for example, a personal account for the employee to use it further as he wishes.

According to the group, this condition should also be included in the working contract.