According to The Washington Post, the United Arab Emirates would be the mastermind behind the cyber-attack that caused the unprecedented scandal between Qatar and its neighbors from the Gulf.

Reuters quoted US intelligence officials who claim the United Arab Emirates ordered the computer attacks in late May.

These attacks have targeted certain social accounts owned by the Government of Qatar, as well as several news sites.

Following the cyber-attack, false statements attributed to the Doha emir we’re published, triggering a major diplomatic crisis in the region.

According to the American paper, senior officials from Abu Dhabi planned to post these false messages on the Internet, most of them being attributed to the emir of Qatar.

US intelligence services have received new data last week and most of them suggest that a day before the attack took place a group of Abu Dhabi government officials was discussing the cyber-attacks from May 23.

Officials, quoted under the condition of anonymity, have said it is unclear whether Abu Dhabi broke the servers or just paid for their crackdown.

One day after this discussion was intercepted by the intelligence services, a Qatari government site revealed statements in which Iran was called “an Islamic power,” in which the Hamas group, the historic rivals of Saudi Arabia and the states allied.

The statements were attributed to Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani.