After she spent a full month away from the spotlight because she was literally glued to her newborn twins Rumi and Sir Carter, the hot mamma is ready to score the most spectacular comeback

On Friday, the Carters were spotted in Los Angeles during their first date as parents of three.

Although she gave birth a month ago, Beyonce looked smoking hot in a short corset skirt and sky high heels.

The beautiful mother of three was, obviously, joined by her caring husband who couldn’t take his eyes off her.

The sexy outfit showcased Beyonce’s incredible slim waist and toned pins despite the fact that she just had twins.

Queen B took the time to share a few snaps on her Instagram accounts and in one of the pictures she appears next to her husband, proving everyone their nine-year-marriage is stronger than ever now that they have become parents again.

Returning to the artist’s outfit, we must admit that we are impressed with how quickly the artist has recovered, given that she had not just one, but two babies.

A few days ago, B confirmed the arrival of her twins, by posting her first picture with Sir and Rumi Carter.

According to a source, the artist is following a drastic diet, based only vegetables and low-fat meats. Thanks to this diet and a fitness program personalized by a top trainer, Beyonce managed to lose 13 pounds in less than three weeks since she gave birth.

Doctor Bruce Ettinger, an obstetrician and a close friend of the Carters, spilled a few details regarding the artist’s condition and how she managed to lose weight in record time.