R. Kelly scandal

R. Kelly is no stranger to sex scandals but this last one is just outrageous even for famous heartthrob R. Kelly

The American artist became the center of a massive sex scandal after an American tabloid wrote about a group of six young women who are currently held as hostages in the singer’s house.

Moreover, according to BuzzFeed, R. Kelly is currently controlling every single aspect of these girls’ lives and they are pretty much treated as slaves.

“R. Kelly firmly denies these allegations and will vigorously and vigorously fight to sue these defendants and clear his name”, stated the artist’s lawyer on Monday.

Buzzfeed News wrote on Monday that the group of women is being secluded in a home near Atlanta and in an apartment from Chicago.

Kelly is “a master of mind control”, revealed Cheryl Mack, the former assistant of the notorious singer, who decides whenever the girls must eat, sleep or satisfy him.

The parents of one of the youngsters held a press conference on Monday in front of the singer’s house in Atlanta, claiming their 22-year-old daughter left them and refuses to make any contact.

“My daughter suffered a serious brainwash”, said Jonjelyn Savage’s mother.

“We just want him to release her and let her continue her life”, added the woman.

Jocelyn Savage, denied that she would be subjected to any form of coercion: “I just want to tell you that I have a very happy life and that I have not suffered any brainwashing or so”, revealed the 22-year-old she in a video interview for TMZ, refusing to answer to more detailed questions about her living situation.