Samsung recycle

Samsung announced on Tuesday they will recycle 157 tons of rare metals from the Galaxy Note 7 models in an attempt to reduce the environmental impact after the South Korean company was forced to withdraw all the devices from the market.

Samsung has already released the improved version of the Note 7

In fact, the hi-tech giant announced their plans to recycle a number of components such as the camera modules, chips, and screens.

They will also recover a number of rare metals such as cobalt, copper, gold, and silver from components that cannot be reused.

Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone maker and it’s still recovering from the costly withdrawal of Note 7, which generated a $5.4 billion financial loss.

Samsung sold 3.06 Note 7 million units all around the world, withdrawn from the market just two months after its global launch.

The Greenpeace organization has urged Samsung to recycle or recover the rare materials from these devices on several times.

Their last attempt to convince the South Korean manufacturer took place at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a few months ago.