Major-General Isaac Pierre de Villiers resigned a week after he was urged by the new president of France to respect his orders

In fact, Villiers and President Emmanuel Macron were involved in a conflict after the Chief of Defense criticized the cut in the military budget, reported BBC News and AFP.

“In the current circumstances, I believe that I am no longer in the position of ensuring the stability of the army in which I guaranteed the protection of France and the French, today and tomorrow, and to support our country’s ambitions.

Consequently, I assumed my responsibilities by presenting the resignation to the President of the Republic today, which he accepted”, including an official press release published by General Villiers.

“I have always watched since my appointment to maintain an army that guarantees the coherence between the threats to France and Europe, the missions of our armed forces that do not cease to grow, and the means of endowment and budget needed to fulfill them”, added the French official.

He has served as Chief of Staff for three and a half years

“In the strictest respect of loyalty, which has never ceased to be the foundation of my relationship with political authority and national representation, I thought it was my duty to share the reservations I have on many occasions with total transparency and using only the truth”, added the French general.