WhatsApp China

Chinese users are having major difficulties in accessing the world’s most popular messaging service and tech experts claim the Chinese government is to blame

In China, WhatsApp is now “partially” blocked and users are not able to send pictures, clips, and not even messages.

Security experts confirmed for The New York Times that the “mastermind” responsible for this major blockade is none other than the Chinese government.

With no official confirmation from the Beijing Communist regime, the service owned by Facebook will not be surprised to find out they have been completely blocked in China.

If their expectancies are being confirmed these days, WhatsApp will pretty much join a long line of websites and online services which were banned by the Chinese government.

Censorship is not exactly a novelty in China, who developed a literal obsession for limiting people’s access to certain web pages and Occidental newspapers.

Last month, three of China’s top video streaming services, Sina Weibo, iFeng, and ACFUN, were censored because they were not aligned with national regulations and they were also encouraging negative discourse.

On the other hand, the WhatsApp blockade is kind of an advantage for rival WeChat, much more popular in China than Facebook’s app.