Robbie Williams sleep

If you’re wondering what strange diseases are “in” right now in Hollywood, you might want to talk to Robbie Williams

The former Take That member is allegedly suffering from the most uncommon sleeping condition.

More precisely, Robbie Williams was “diagnosed” with a rare form of sleepwalking, characterized by a sudden urge to eat in his sleep.

The artist confessed that he suffers from the rare disease which affects 1-2% of the world’s population from a while now.

However, doctors claim the disease is, in reality, classified as an eating disorder, which intervenes somewhere between the dreaming and waking stage, which means the patients are unconscious when they wake up from their bed and make their way towards the fridge.

Talking about his “terrible” disease, Robbie admitted that he had been struggling for a year with this condition and that he had discovered it when he wanted to lose weight, he simply cannot.

“I’m doing this very strange, and it’s already been a year since I wake up in the middle of the night and I eat. I’m in the middle of a dream and I wake up, go to the kitchen and I’m not aware that I’m doing this, but I do it”, revealed Robbie.

Furthermore, Robbie claims his body longs for high-calorie foods, a not very helpful fact when it comes to losing weight.

“Apparently, in my sleep, I do not like to eat kale. I want sugar and fat. It’s very weird, but it’s happening.”

As for the causes of this disease, researchers say that stress, anxiety or abuse of substances might represent the most frequent causes.