stairs park

A Canadian pensioner managed to infuriate the Toronto officials after he had built some stairs in a park with his own money

After he and other citizens have required the city hall to build the stairs because the park entrance was too steep and someone might get hurt, the “project” was estimated to $51.500.

However, several months have passed since the request was made and no one lifted a finger.

Instead of submitting a new request, the 73-year-old and his neighbors decided to put their feet down and built the stairs without waiting for any approval.

Adi Astl and his neighbors finalized the “project” in less than 14 hours by spending only $500.

The residents appreciated his work: “We have too much bureaucracy and little initiative on the part of the citizens in this city, so I’m impressed,” said a local man, delighted with the stairs made by Adi Astl.

However, the stairs were blocked and the man was forced to demolish his work.

The mayor of Toronto explained the decision by claiming the initial estimation of the project that consisted of an investment of $51,000 was exaggerated.

Furthermore, the official stated it’s not the duty of the citizens to “go to Home Depot and build stairs in a park just because they want so.”

Now, the local administration is urged to come up with a new estimation.


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