Japan suicide rate

Japan plans on reducing the suicide rate by at least 30% over the next ten years

The plan was approved by the Senate on Tuesday and its main purpose is to decrease the extreme labor hours which is one of the factors that triggered this Japanese “suicide epidemic”.

For years, Japan reported the worst statistics when it came to the number of suicides

According to AFP, every single year in Japan more than 20.000 persons ended up killing themselves.

However, compared to 2003, when 34.427 Japanese committed suicide within less than a year, the rate seems to, slowly but surely, decrease.

In the approved plan, the governors say they will multiply their efforts to prevent the suicide attempts generated by the depression related to a demanding job.

Also, the Tokyo Government points out, another issue to be tackled is that of bosses.

The new government plan comes two years after the tragic death of Matsuri Takahashi.

The youngster worked at Japan’s largest advertising agency, Dentsu and he has committed suicide in 2015.

Given that his death was labeled as “suspicious”, the investigation that followed brought to light that Dentsu’s employees were working more than 100 extra hours per month, which is outrageous.

The death of the young man has led to enormous media pressure upon most Japanese governors.

The Labor Ministry published in May the black list of Japan’s most demanding companies, including Dentsu.

Apparently, more than 300 firms have been found guilty of illegal overtime and other forms of serious violations at work.