Europe weather

Germany is struggling with powerful floods after 115 liters of water per square meter storm has engulfed the central region of the country

Meanwhile, Portugal and France are struggling with massive forest fires and the government was forced to evacuate no less than 10.000 persons from the south of Hexagon.

German meteorologists have issued the purple code for some of their districts situated at the foot of the Harz Mountains.

In the Harz Mountains, in the heart of the country, the storms have turned small streams into turbulent rivers and most roads are flooded.

Within less than 24 hours, no less than 115 liters of water per square meter blocked every single dike, bridge, and dikes.

Meanwhile, the firefighters and other emergency units declared themselves helpless: “We cannot do anything. The water is falling faster than we can pump out”, confessed one of them.

Their neighbors from the southern part of Europe are at the opposite side of the spectrum: they are struggling with massive fires.

Three days have passed since a small vegetation fire has turned into a real hell for the residents of West Portugal.

Dozens of hectares of vegetation were turned into ashes

Nearly 5.000 firefighters, thousands of trucks and 20 planes were deployed in the danger zones to fight with the flames and to convince thousands of locals who refuse to leave their homes to evacuate the area.

Meanwhile, in France, 4.000 hectares of vegetation was destroyed in Corsica and 2.000 firefighters are still struggling to put out the fire.

Generally, the situation remains alarming especially on the Cote d’Azur where dozens of properties were engulfed by flames.