Beyonce babysitters

Hollywood’s golden couple welcomed their twins in June

The ridiculous rumors regarding Beyonce’s birth appeared way before the singer’s due date and most of them are outrageous.

The most recent, however, is as real as it gets, some say.

Apparently, Mr. and Mrs. Carter hired no less than six babysitters only for Sir and Rumi.

According to US OK! magazine, the diva is set to splurge $100.000 per year only on for their nannies salaries.

‘The twins don’t sleep at the same time, so she decided she needed three per child, working in eight-hour shifts,’ a source said. says that hiring an army of babysitters is not that outrageous when it comes to parents who welcomed twins because they work in shifts.

Besides the three babysitters who take care of Sir and Rumi during the day and the other three who stay up all night to supervise and feed the babies when they wake up, there are also two nannies just for Blue Ivy, so that makes a total of eight babysitters.

Some hospital documents obtained in mid-July by TMZ revealed the twins were delivered through C-section and the doctor who assisted the birth was Paul Crane, the same who delivered Kim and Kourtney’s children.