Diana grave

Charles Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother, revealed in a recent interview that over the past 20 years there have been four attempts of desecrating his sister’s grave, wrote The Telegraph on Wednesday.

Count Charles Spencer, says the decision of Princess Diana to be buried on the island of Althorp, which is part of the properties owned by her family, was adopted in order to protect the privacy of the funeral crypt.

He revealed that the isolated space was “the safest” for the princess Diana’s coffin.

“There have been four attempts to desecrate her crypt in the last 20 years. I am very glad that we could defeat them all”, added Charles.

Charles Spencer also said Buckingham Palace representatives “lied” about the royal family’s decision, who decided that Prince Harry and William would walk by their mother’s coffin during the funeral ceremony.

Count Spencer said he was 100% against this decision, because according to him, walking by their dead mother’s coffin during the funeral procession, a moment watched live by millions, was completely “strange” and “cruel”.

Charles Spencer believes his sister would’ve never accepted something like this: “Finally, I was deceived and I was told that they (Princes William And Harry) wanted to do this, which they obviously did not want at all, but I did not understand then.”, revealed the Count.

Prince Harry spoke for the first time about his mother’s funeral a few months ago and said he was traumatized by the event: “I think no child in the world should be asked to do so in any circumstances. I do not think this would be possible nowadays.”