games at work

It is no secret that our jobs are becoming more and more stressful and the deadlines you are pressured to respect are getting shorter and shorter.

You suddenly wake up realizing that you need a break and you do not know what to do for a little spare time.

Well, scientists have come to the conclusion that computer games are a great method in order to combat “work stress”.

In a survey conducted by the American Psychology Association, work is the most common cause that leads to stress when it comes to adults.

Given that stress is closely linked to impulsive decisions and low productivity, employers should be quite interested in what they could do in order to help their staff.

To find out exactly what relaxation method it’s the best for you team, scientists collaborated with a group of 66 individuals, whom they summoned to a 9 to 5 working schedule, in an office.

During their lunch breaks, they had to figure out how they wanted to spend their free time.

The options were three: to rest alone in a room isolated from phones and computers, participate in a professional relaxing program, or play a game called “Sushi Cat” for a few minutes.

Participants who have chosen to sit alone and relax have experienced small signs of improvement in their condition.

Those who participated in the relaxation program said that the negative effects seemed diminished.

Meanwhile, those who have played the interactive game revealed they feel really good.

The authors claim that each employee should take a few minutes off at regular intervals and practice a pleasant activity that would attract him to a game on his phone or computer in order to protect their mental health and decrease their stress level.