Despacito neighborhood

“Despacito” has generated a massive tourist flow in Puerto Rico

More and more people expressed their desire of visiting the La Perla’s neighborhood from the capital of San Juan, where Luis Fonsi’s video was shot.

Before the official release of the hit, people from all around the world were not in a hurry to venture into this poor neighborhood with a dubious reputation, consisting of small, blue and yellow houses with sea-oriented views.

Now, as soon as they arrive in the area, the first thing they ask the locals is: “Despacito?”

The residents are more than happy to show them the way, indicating towards a rocky structure, in front of which Luis Fonsi sang the chorus or the wall next to which former Miss Universe contestant Zuleyka Rivera had danced.

“Thanks to this video I came here”, explained Jennifer Adams, a 28-year-old American teacher.

“I’ve seen the video so many times, I knew where I was supposed to go, I took pictures and tried to dance”, added the tourist.

Her next goal is to learn the verses of the song so she can perform it in a karaoke contest.

Next, to the group of young American women, a Swedish tourist is photographed in front of the rocks, and Moroccan walks on a cliff described in the tourist brochures as the “Despacito Coast” (Despacito Coast).

The unexpected influx of tourists kind of contrasts with Despacito’s lyrics, focused on the neighborhood’s poverty.

Nearly 1.600 residents live in La Perla, one of the poorest areas from San Juan, whose economy is mostly dominated by drug trafficking.