Facebook propaganda

With over two billion users, it’s hard to believe that Facebook has no impact on our lives considering that it has become more obvious than ever that it can massively influence every electoral campaign.

Although it may not explicitly provide tools for targeting people based on their political opinions, the social platform possesses certain artificial intelligence algorithms able to send appropriate messages to those who need to be influenced in one direction or another.

Chris Sumner, from the Online Privacy Foundation, presented his new study at DEF CON

“The propaganda machine based on artificial intelligence has become a very effective weapon. You do not need to change the political sympathies in an electoral campaign, just move a few percentage points to the left or right”, has revealed the expert during his speech about the impact of social networking.

The strategy used by these researchers provides information about Facebook’s campaign on different levels

They divided people depending on affirmations they have made at one point. Then they conducted personality tests to another group of subjects and found probability-related features regarding a person’s probability of agreeing to a certain statement.

Step by step, while using these special online environment tools, they have created some archetypes, becoming able to divide the subjects into groups.

At the end, they created four different types of Facebook advertising campaigns, developed according to the identified personalities.

They have identified what they like, what not, but also the way they change their options.

The worse is that this type of psycho-targeting does not violate the social network’s terms of use.