iPhone 8 biometric facial recognition

Sometimes, the best and most important clues are discovered in the most unexpected places

In this case, one of the most debated features of iPhone 8, the facial recognition system it was kind of confirmed by the source code of another Apple device.

More specifically, the “good old” HomePod is allegedly “hiding” some pretty exciting news about the eagerly-awaited smartphone.

They just made this official: iPhone 8 will, after all, be equipped with a biometric facial recognition sensor

The exciting news was discovered and revealed online by an app developer who is also collaborating with Apple.

HomePod’s source code indicates that the new terminal will include the new and cool technology

The “BKFaceDetect” code line confirms the rumor, BK coming from the phrase “biometric kit”.

In addition, all these will operate with an infrared sensor that will create some sort of a “face” map.

In addition to the new biometric identifier, HomePod’s source code revealed another thing

Even if it does not look great at first glance, the Cupertino giant has also confirmed the design of the new iPhone.

iPhone 8 looks exactly the way everyone expected: a large single-edge screen and a clean look.

However, the HomePod code did not unveil one of the most important curiosities: whether the new device will have a traditional Touch ID or not, or whether it will be included under the screen, SlashGear notes.