Google Play Store

Google Play has more than three million apps available to users from all around the world and one of them has recently set an impressive record

Although there are so many apps in the Google Play Store, most of them became abandoned projects while some are still used by users and have been downloaded by hundreds of millions or billions.

Recently, Google Play Services became the first Play Store app to reach five billion downloads

The app is a pre-installed app, present on most Android devices and its role it’s to activate or allow access to other Play services, such as the store itself.

However, the experts from revealed the app was not manually downloaded by users so many times.

When you log in on an Android phone through your Google account, the play store is automatically counting the pre-installed apps and labels them as downloads.

This means that over the years, five billion active Android devices have gathered and remained active.

At the same time, during the I / O conference, Sunder Pichai said there were about two billion active Android users.

That’s when we found out that there are 800 million Google Drive users in the world, while Google Photos helps other 500 million users to store their photos each and every month.

Google Assistant is also used by over 100 million users on more than 70 different devices.

The ranking includes only apps created by Google, Facebook and Samsung.