woman breast milk

The 29-year-old woman produces ten times more breast milk than a normal new mother who is struggling to squeeze a “decent” amount of milk. 

Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra has something known in medical terms as the Hyperlactation Syndrome, which means that her body produces up to 6.6 liters of milk in a single day, which is absolutely crazy.

Elisabeth discovered that she has the unusual condition after she gave birth to her first child.

Her first born was almost three when the Oregon-based mother welcomed her second bundle of joy.



Shortly after she welcomed her second baby, the woman started to produce even more milk, but instead of panicking she preferred to find a more efficient solution.

The American pumped five hours per day and in two years she managed to donate 2.271 liters of milk to those mothers who were not able to breastfeed their newborns.

The precious liquid, which has about 4.950 calories, is packed, labeled and stored in huge freezers and so far, the mother of two has helped thousands of babies.



“I realized that I produce more milk than a normal woman when I was pregnant with my first child. After the second child, the production literally exploded”, revealed Elisabeth.

“Now, Sophia is six and I pump five times a day: after I wake up, after breakfast, after lunch, after dinner and at midnight. I totally spend about five hours pumping, then storing, labeling and sterilizing”, said the woman for the Daily Mail.