NASA job offer

NASA has published the most unusual job offer in the agency

The National Space Agency is looking for someone bored by his traditional corporate job and looking for a real challenge, a decent salary and responsible, because at the end of the day he will the shoes of someone known as the new planetary protection officer.

The job was created by the American agency after the US signed the space treaty in 1967 and its main task is to protect the planet from a potential alien contamination…I know, I know… this sounded like an advert from Men in Black, but it’s not.

So far, the position was occupied by two brave fellows: one was hired by NASA and one by the European Space Agency.

Currently, Catherine A. Conley is the only one in charge with the task of preventing such a catastrophe and she is looking for a partner in crime.

The salary starts from $124.406 per year and reaches up to $187.000 a year

You can only apply for the job if you possess advance knowledge of planetary protection, writes

In addition, you also have to be well-organized and well-documented when it comes to elements of space programs.

In this situation, you must also have the ability to make diplomatic decisions that result in win-win solutions for everyone during the riskiest situations.

You must also have engineering, physics or math studies, and the contract is signed for a three-year period, in the first phase.