Neymar PSG

Neymar announced his teammates that he is leaving to PSG and there’s no returning

The athlete was seen this morning at the Barcelona stadium, where he made a quick stop just to announce his colleagues that he is leaving and he already received the permission from his coach and the club’s consent to leave to France, writes Mundo Deportivo.

After Ernesto Valverde gave Barcelona’s players two days off after the tour in the United States, the team attended the first training session scheduled on Wednesday morning.

Neymar, who used these two days off to attend a promotion in China, might become an official member of the Parisian football club on Friday.

Also, Mundo Deportivo wrote that the Brazilia has announced today that he will sign his contract in France within the four or five days.

According to the same paper, Neymar announced the Spanish officials that he is planning to finalize the transfer with PSG months ago, although they and his mates struggled to convince him the opposite.

However, their attempts to determine Neymar to change his mind were in vain because the Brazilian striker was planning this move for a long time now.

Mundo Deportivo mentions that Neymar Jr. arrived at the Camp Nou with his own car, instead of using the club’s official bus just like the rest of the team.

In addition, Neymar didn’t attend the training session because he just came to let them know what he has decided.

PSG is currently waiting for Neymar’s arrival in order to sign the final papers.