Google retouch

Google wants to help you take perfect pictures and they have developed a series of useful projects over the years in this direction

Regarding Google Photos, they have introduced a tool which automatically adjusts white balance, numerous solutions to get rid of moving videos and a solution for digitizing old photos lost around your albums.

Now they want to help you retouch your photos just before you… actually, take them.

In collaboration with the MIT researchers, they use automated learning algorithms to improve the images you see on the screen in real-time.

The best part is that the adjustments are made on a case-by-case basis, not by using automatic adjustments that work similarly for each photo or scene, shows

In order to achieve success, the team has its “trained” neural networks by using 5.000 different images retouched by five different photographers.

In this way, artificial intelligence obtains a formula for retouching the images being adjusted.

An example can be seen in the above picture with the right side adjusted by Google.

According to the researchers, the Google software can retouch in real time without affecting the phone’s battery and without lag.

Unfortunately, MIT did not offer details regarding the date the software will be available on the market, although the research part is quite advanced.

Since Google is also involved in the project, we can expect to see such a feature on every Android phone in the near future.