pinterest search engine

Pinterest debuted as this social network that many of us have used as the perfect method to save links from various corners of the internet

Pinterest’s evolution process started about a year ago, but now it’s more obvious the website has turned into something similar to a search engine.

Just access the most recent version of Pinterest’s mobile app and you’ll see that the Search and Lens buttons have started to occupy a privileged position on the main page.

Lens is the app’s searching system based on a caption taken with your smartphone.

When you use the Lens feature to take a picture of an office table, you will immediately see various websites from which you can order the piece of furniture online or other interior design suggestions, similar to the one you already have and last but not least, methods regarding the best ways to integrate the piece into your room.

If you take a picture of a dish, you may find the perfect cooking recipe or matching teacups for your set.

Considering the popularity of Pinterest has grown significantly in the few two years and the Lens feature is being used by billions daily, Pinterest officials said that 85% of all searches are made through smartphones or tablets, so what’s the next obvious move?

The internet has transitioned from pc to mobile and that’s not exactly a novelty.

The new version of Pinterest available today on iOS comes with a modernized flow on the front page.

It should include fewer duplicates and update your recommendations in real time depending on what you’ve been searching for or what you’ve saved.

The updates will be included on Android in the upcoming weeks.