Ryan Lock ISIS

Ryan Lock died in December 2016, fighting against the ISIS from Raqqa with his comrades from Kurdish’ Defense Units and the result of the official investigation conducted after his death, describes the soldier as this “heroic young man”, writes BBC.

After struggling for months to find out more details about Ryan, the British journalists have put together the soldier’s story.

Apparently, during a special operation conducted in the ISIS-controlled city, wounded and surrounded by terrorists, the Briton decided to commit suicide in order to avoid a “painful and frightening death”.

The former chef, with a poor military experience, told his parent that he is vacationing when, in reality, he was fighting on the Syrian front with the international Anti-ISIS coalition.

Catherine, the 20-year-old’s mother remembers that Ryan told her about how bad the situation is in Syria before he left home.

Eventually, after a few weeks, the British decided to tell his mother the truth, who instead of panicking she told him that she is very proud and fully supports him.

During his time in the Kurdish forces, Ryan has maintained contact with his family through Facebook Messenger.

The young man sent pictures almost daily from the front and kept them constantly aware of the way in the military training unfolds. However, he never mentioned that he took part in the shots.

The last message Ryan has sent to his parents was in December.

The one who first found out of the young man’s death was his father, Jon Plater, who discovered online pictures of his son’s inanimate body. In the images, a jihadist placed his boot on Ryan’s lifeless chest.

According to BBC, the investigation also included the declaration of forensic doctor David Horsley, who said that Ryan injured his leg before he decided to shot himself.

“He was not prepared to let that happen, and he used his own weapon to prevent being captured. This can only be interpreted as a brave gesture. He died doing something in which he believed with passion, “, said David Horsley.