Over the years, Google launched numerous popular and appreciated products

However, each and every time they wanted to create a social platform they kind of failed and maybe that’s exactly why the American giant was planning to acquire a $30 billion startup.

Facebook was the first company willing to invest billions of dollars in Snapchat

Evan Spiegel refused the offer and in 2016, Google tried to negotiate with Snapchat, putting their first offer on the table in May, shortly after Snapchat was estimated to $20 billion.

A potential acquisition was also discussed before the listing of Snapchat on the stock exchange in March 2017, although the $30 billion bid has been on the negotiating table since the listing.

Snap is currently valued at $14 billion, with a price per share of $12.5, but has fallen lamentably since its first stock market valuation: $24 billion.

Until Google buys such a product, Instagram is way ahead of Snapchat with the Stories feature

It’s just an example of how Facebook has managed to develop copied functionality from Snapchat to the point where it is more popular than the original product.

Otherwise, Google+ is still a deserted social network and a burden on Google after other social media failures.