In the past few months, the Hollywood diva has become an extremely subtle presence

This also has a lot to do with the new man in her life, who almost convinced her to tie the knot for the second time around.

Reportedly, Kate Hudson and her new beau Danny Fujikawa are getting along really good and the new couple will probably tie the knot very soon.

“Things are moving with the speed of light for Kate”, revealed one of the blonde’s close friends, who is not exactly happy about the fact that the actress is rushing.

This source also said that there is a good chance that the two will get engaged in the near future.

“They are not yet engaged, but this is likely to happen. I do not know if she wants to marry again, but they will definitely get engaged. She likes to be in serious relationships and have a stable partner. They match perfectly”, added the source.

Officially, Kate and the musician have not made any comments regarding a possible marriage.

“It’s crazy for Danny. Actually, they already live together in her home”.

The actress was married once and engaged twice.

She has a 13-year-old boy named Ryder, with her former husband, Chris Robinson, and another six-year-old named Bingham, with actor Matt Bellamy. Kate and Matt broke up in 2014.