The Australian health expert warned the American magazine they should stop promoting “unhealthy-looking” women, like those who strutted on the runway during the fashion show from July

According to the Aussie doctor, Sports Illustrated does nothing but encourage young women from all around to the world to become overweight and unhealthy because when they see these plus size models they will automatically think its ok to look like that.

The fashion show organized earlier in July in Miami has sparked a really heated debate after several plus size models slipped into these tiny swimsuits, becoming the stars of the night, writes The Telegraph.

“It seems to me that women who wear bigger sizes on the podium are less representative for the average woman. Instead, they are representative of a major problem of our society,” wrote a journalist in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph.

“By choosing plus size models to promote certain brands does nothing but promote the irresponsible message that you don’t have to do nothing to lose weight”, added the woman.

MJ Day, one of the editors of Sports Illustrated it’s also a thick and proud of her curves woman and said she wanted to show the world that plus size can also be considered beautiful.

State Department head of Australian Medical Association from New South Wales, Brad Frankum, said the modeling industry should avoid promoting opposite situations.

“There is a difference between being confident and promoting an unhealthy weight. It’s a difficult message. It’s easy: if you don’t want to promote smoking, you don’t buy cigarettes and the same concept applies in the fashion industry.”



  1. I agree 101%
    It’s become a disgusting trend even so much in virtual worlds as well.
    Take Second Life as an example. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)
    Many females purposely create avatars that appear to be grossly out of shape to the point of being comical where no actual woman would even look that way. They are HUGE and will spend real cash to look the way they do. They are obsessed having a gigantic butt. lol If you were to say something negative to these whales about their shape. They will quickly report you for harassing them about their shape.