Ice cream is certainly one of the most sought-after summer food products, especially this hot and sticky period.

In Japan the weather situation is quite similar, except these scientists have found and new and cool (literally) way to enjoy the delicious treat without becoming completely melted in less than 20 seconds.

According to CNT, two scientists from the Kanazawa Research and Development Center have accidentally discovered a compound that prevents the ice cream from melting.

The Japanese researchers asked a pastry chef to prepare a dessert with polyphenol, a substance extracted from raw strawberries.

In return, the pastry chef told these guys he cannot create any creamy dessert by using polyphenol because the product will instantly become frozen.

That was the moment when the professors realized what they have discovered.

After several attempts, Tomihisa Ota, professor of pharmacy at Kanazawa University, created the ice cream that does not melt.

The non-melting ice cream is already sold in Kanazawa, Osaka, and Tokyo since April and tested by many unscrupulous customers.

“When the heat was applied with a dryer a regular vanilla ice cream bought from an ordinary shop began to melt almost instantly. The Kanazawa ice cream maintained its original shape even after five minutes”, said a Japanese reporter who has tried the product.