Jason Sly

Statham’s new fellow was more than happy to offer him several tips and tricks on how to become the most doting and caring father.

Considering Sly has three grown-up daughters who turned out just fine, the British hunk would better listen to his advice because, in some moments, his life might depend on those.

The two buddies worked together at the Expendables and they became so close they even call each other at two in the morning just to “consult” each other on how to change diapers the correct way.

“Jason and Rosie are so close to Sly, they consider him a guru when it comes to raising children. And he told 1.000 times, if they wanted him to take care of their baby he will be more than happy to do it.

He’s warned Jason how hard it is to be a dad to girls. So it’s not only pieces of advice on newborns but teens too.

If Jason has a snag with raising his baby, he’ll probably call Sly before he Googles it”, revealed a source close to their entourage.

The British model posted the most adorable black & white picture with their baby’s little hand shortly after she gave birth.

According to the happy couple, their first son was named Jack Oscar and he was born on 24th June.

“Our little one has arrived. Jack Oscar Statham”, wrote Rosie on her Instagram page.

The top model decided to reveal Jack’s first picture on Instagram, the same socializing platform where a few months ago she published a photo on a beach announcing everyone that she and Jason are expecting.