A small community from the Dominican Republic has intrigued the medical world

A large group of little girls from the Salinas village has transformed into boys at the age of puberty, ending up developing male genitalia and male features.

These children are called Guevedoces which pretty much means “penis at 12-years-old”.

The bizarre cases were discovered in 1970 by the American researcher Julianne Imperato-McGinley and ever since then, doctors from all around the world tried to find an explanation.

Johnny is 24-years-old and he was born a girl

Johnny spent his entire childhood as Felicita, the little girl who always wore a red dress.

At that time, the toddler told her parents she does not like to wear feminine clothes and she always looks after the guys as they run and play football.


When he turned into a boy he was mocked by all his colleagues. Although he has a penis and acts like a man, he still has not adapted to his new way of life: “I would like to find someone to marry me and have children, a partner to stay with me no matter what”, confessed the Guevedoces.

However, the Guevedoces children have a genetic deficiency caused by the lack of an enzyme that produces testosterone, which is why they are born with girls’ features, the American researcher has said.

By puberty, the Guevedoces girls are being forced to consume a new dose of testosterone.

After the testosterone dose is being administrated their body responds and so are the genital organs.