Daniel Craig James Bond

Some good news was finally announced for the franchise’s fans

Daniel Craig is set to return to the series although he told loud and clear that he is not planning on returning because he wants to focus on his health.

However, it seems the persisting producers have managed somehow to convince Craig to return on the set in order to portray the characters that turned into him into an A-list actor.

Shortly after he filmed the last series, Daniel Craig told the producers he would rather slit his wrists than portraying James Bond one more time.

Turns out the actor changed his mind and he has finally agreed to return.

Moreover, all of the sudden, Daniel Craig became so cooperative that he has signed a deal to appear in not just one, but two movies.

Some sources from Hollywood claim the star’s representative negotiated for weeks with producer Barbara Broccoli in order to get Craig an “attractive” deal.

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The premiere will also take place in two years from now and the decisive factor that made Daniel change his mind was the departure of director Sam Mendes.

“There have been numerous discussions about who might be the next Bond, but Barbara has managed to convince Daniel to play in two more films. He is loved by the audience and has led to a significant box office growth”, revealed a source for The Sun.