Malia Obama ground

The former First Daughter shocked everyone with her weird way of dancing at a music festival in Chicago.

Malia Obama was filmed while she was rolling and punching the ground, shocking the others spectators who came to have a good time.

Instead of watching the performance, everyone was busy filming or watching what Obama’s older daughter was doing.

Obviously, the footage ended up on social media, where no one seems to have a clue on what Malia was doing.

Moreover, some newspapers also wrote something about her losing her phone in that same night.

The young woman left the festival with a golf cart because she was not able to walk any further.

Last year at the same festival, Malia Obama was photographed while smoking marijuana.

Another teenager, who participated at the Chicago music festival claims that she saw Malia smoking weed and she also has the evidence.

“I caught Malia smoking and I also have the images to prove it. You should felt the odor. I saw a boy handing her the cigarette and she took a few hits”, told Jordin Selwyn.

Two years ago, during an interview for The New Yorker, the US president confessed that he doesn’t consider smoking marijuana the best idea when it comes to relaxing.