Raheem Sterling escort

Raheem Sterling spent ‘quality time’ with a woman that he forgot to pay during his training tournament in the United States.

Shortly after Raheem Sterling arrived in the UK, the luxury escort generated this entire media scandal in order to recover her money.

The football player, whose transfer cost City no less than 62.5 million euros was accused by the woman whom he had intimate time that he left without paying her the established amount of money.

Apparently, the following morning Raheem left her only £1,500 on the bedside instead of 3.000 as they agreed the day before.

Shortly after the British team finished the tournament and flew back home, the woman told the entire thing to a London tabloid.

“Raheem may be a millionaire but he is a fool. He thought he could sleep with me and not pay. Considering how much he earns, he is pretty cheap”, told the woman.

The 22-year-old English athlete contacted the woman shortly after the news came out and told her that he was too drunk to remember the night they spent at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Los Angeles.

“Raheem looked drunk and his breath smelled of alcohol”, added the lady.

After several text messages exchanged between the two, she ended up receiving all of her money that she struggled so “hard” to earn.

The footballer is currently engaged to his long-term girlfriend and together they have a six-months-old son.