The Russian oligarch announced that he is separating from his third wife, Dasha Zhukova earlier this week.

We also know that Roman and Dasha’s divorce will probably become one of the most expensive celebrity separations in a very long time.

However, no one is exactly familiar with the reason behind their pricey decision.

According to the Russian press, the cause that generated the rupture between Chelsea’s owner and the beauty editor was, in fact, another woman.

It’s about 41-year-old ballet dancer Diana Vishneva, whom with Roman Abramovich is allegedly having a relationship since he was married to Dasha.

The ballerina is originally from St. Petersburg and the rumor came out in a Russian tabloid.

However, the press started to buzz even more after last week, when Vishneva attended a Chelsea football match, immediately after the divorce news came out.

The first rumors regarding Roman and Diana’s weird relationship appeared in the Russian press three years ago and this explains why the former spouses were living separate lives for years now.

Meanwhile, the Russian billionaire denied the information.

Diana Vishneva is currently living in London working at the Royal Opera House with her ballet crew from Russia.

Many voices claim that after the divorce, Dasha will fill her bank accounts with hundreds of millions of pounds, unless she signed a prenuptial contract when she tied the knot with the Russian businessman.

The two married got married in 2008 but confirmed the marriage rumors six years later.

From this marriage, Abramovich has two children, Aaron (7) and Leah (4).

A source close to the couple claims Roman and Dasha lived separate lives since last year but they struggled to maintain a normal relationship for their children’s sake.