Israel wall

Israel will accelerate the construction of an underground wall along its border with the Gaza Strip as an attempt to prevent the infiltration of the Palestinian commandos in tunnels, an Israeli general has revealed.

The tunnels linking the Gaza Strip to Israel and used by the Hamas Islamic movement or other Palestinian groups to infiltrate on the Israeli territory are considered by Israel one of the main threats when it comes to its security.

Thirty tunnels were discovered and destroyed in the summer of 2014 during the last Israeli military campaign against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian enclave controlled by the Islamist movement in 2007 and subjected to a blockade by Israel.

“In the following months, we will accelerate the construction of this barrier. We hope this construction will be completed in two years” General Eyal Zamir said on Wednesday.

“I hope that Hamas will not attack, considering they see these tunnels as a strategic tool against Israel”, Yoav Galant a member of the security cabinet and former commander of the southern military region has revealed.

According to the Israeli army radio station, the wall will be completed with concrete slabs and sensors that will stretch over the 64 km border with the Gaza Strip.

About 1.000 people are currently working on this project worth nearly 710 million euros. The Israeli army radio station said the height of the already existing security fence will increase to six meters.