North Korea parade

Tens of thousands of North Koreans participated in a parade which unfolded in Pyongyang to support their Supreme Leader and to show Donald Trump they are defying his warnings.

Although Trump has threatened the Pyongyang regime with “rage and fire”, on Wednesday Kim Jong-Un ordered this incredible march.

Tens of thousands of Koreans sang and waved banners with Kim Jong-un’s face, which they proudly stirred in the air for hours.

The images show workers wearing white shirts marching through the city with placards calling for aggressive action against the United States.

The march was closely monitored by the North Korean elite, who differentiated from the crowd through the black clothes.

The anthems followed the line of propaganda launched by the Pyongyang regime and the Korean People’s Army issued a communiqué in which they are threatening to “turn America into a nuclear war theater.”

The North Korean regime “seriously analyzes a plan” of launching a four or five mid-range missiles in an area near Guam as a response to the threats launched two days ago by President Donald Trump, according to a statement offered by General Kim Rak Gyom for KCNA.

In this regard, the North Korean Strategic Force is seriously considering a plan involving Guam by simultaneously launching five or four Hwasong-12 ballistic missiles.

“They are planning to block the enemy forces from Guam’s main military bases and to signal a crucial warning to the United States”, revealed General Kim Ray Gyom of Pyongyang.