pastor North Korea

The Korean peninsula has announced on Wednesday the release of a Canadian pastor who was serving a life sentence.

The unexpected decision was adopted by North Korea’s Central Court for medical reasons, writes Yonhap quoting a news report from KCNA.

Moreover, a Canadian government delegation has just arrived in Pyongyang in order to investigate the unbelievable case.

Lim Hyeon-su is a 61-year-old Canadian pastor of Korean origin who was imprisoned in January 2015 when he entered North Korea via China with in order to promote a humanitarian campaign.

In December 2015, the elder was sentenced by the highest court from Pyongyang to life imprisonment and forced labor for conducting a ‘subversive plotting’ against the North Korean regime.

The release of the Canadian pastor comes a day after the arrival in North Korea of a Canadian national delegation administrated by Daniel Jean a national security adviser and special envoy of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Pastor Lim has conducted more than 100 trips to North Korea over the years for humanitarian aid, the first one taking place in 1997.

Lim’s family has urged the Canadian government to increase its efforts to release the pastor after US student Otto Warmbier came home in a coma June after 17 months of detention.

A week after he was brought to the US, Otto died in a hospital from Utah.