Alibaba vending machine

Alibaba is about to launch the world’s biggest vending machine as a new and revolutionary method to sell luxury cars for those who don’t have time to waste.

The online giant is currently planning its incredible expansion and the automated system represents the perfect method to create buzz around the device.

The huge device works on the same mechanism as a vending machine but, instead, of selling candies and chips, this one will look like a giant “multi-storey” parking lot filled with cars.

First of all, those who are interested in buying a Ferrari, Porsche, BMW or Bentley from Alibaba are forced to install a mobile app.

On the app, they’ll check out details related to all the models and the acquisition features.

The moment you decide on a model, you will have your account checked and the leasing procedure initiated.

After you make up your mind, if you pay 10% of its value, your favorite car will descend on the first floor while the rest of the amount will be paid in monthly installments as part of the leasing procedure.

Although the concept seems rather revolutionary, it is far from being unique.

In the United States, a company named Caravana has launched something similar in Atlanta, Georgia in November 2013.

The project will be materialized by the end of this year.