North Korea ambassadors

Donald Trump gave North Korea an ultimatum, warning that the US military’s military systems are “loaded and ready for action” if the regime in Pyongyang continues to “foolishly” launch threats, reports The Telegraph.

The US President made this announcement, in its signature style, on Twitter, without sending a press release or holding a conference to talk about the tensions that have escalated in recent days.

Meanwhile, China urged Washington and Pyongyang to calm but warned through Global Times that Beijing will remain neutral if the US is attacked and decides to launch a counterattack.

US President Donald Trump warned North Korea on Thursday evening that he would be “very, very upset” if he would do anything against the United States, according to BBC News.

The White House leader made these statements after Pyongyang announced its plans to launch four missiles towards the American Pacific Ocean territory of Guam.

Tensions between the two countries have escalated these weeks after North Korea tested two inter-continental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) in July.

The US Chief also criticized China, pointing out that it could have done “much more” when it comes to intervening in the northern Korean Peninsula.

Asked about a potential preventive attack against Pyongyang, Trump replied: “We are not talking about that. We will never do it. ”

But, he continued, “I will tell you that if North Korea does something and even thinks of attacking someone we love or that we represent either our allies or us, then I will be very, very upset.”