iPhone 8 internal

The official of the long-awaited iPhone 8 is right around the corner and these leaked images show that the phone will also come with wireless charging.

A Foxconn employee has published the photos with iPhone 8’s internal structure

He posted the images on the Weibo a few days ago, thus providing a clear picture of the internal components set to be launched in the fall.

The images showcase a phone in the testing and component validation phase bearing the “Ferrari” code name.

The images do not include multiple layers of components so it’s not an x-ray scan it’s just another type of processing a black and white image.

Inside the phone, you can see a black area, which is the wireless charging module for the iPhone 8

The dual camera module it’s also there, large space for the battery shaped like an “L”.

According to experts, this change will represent a significant improvement regarding the phone autonomy.

Regarding rumors about the delay, Foxconn Vice President Luo Zhongsheng says the OLED screens can only be delivered partially because the process of making these new screens with a special shape is rather difficult.

The special design refers not only to the shape of the screen but also to the cut-out in the upper area where the sensors and the front camera are going to be installed.

The iPhone 8 will probably to be unveiled early in September, alongside the 7s and 7s Plus.