Nicolas Maduro Donald Trump

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that he would like to have a bilateral discussion with his US counterpart, Donald Trump, although in the past he accused him of trying to remove him from power and ridiculed the sanctions imposed by the US.

Maduro asked the Venezuelan Foreign Minister to contact the US authorities to arrange a telephone conversation or a meeting with President Trump, informs France 24.

The Donald Trump administration described Maduro as a “dictator” and imposed a series of sanctions against several officials in Venezuela, accusing the Caracas regime of violating the human rights and undermining democracy.

On July 31st the United States imposed legal and financial sanctions against the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, describing as a “dictator.”

Venezuela is facing a very severe national situation after he announced the rise of the inflation and the massive protests resulting in the death of over 100 demonstrators.

The opposition also accuses the Caracas leader of resorting to political maneuvers in order to avoid triggering premature elections and gaining more power.

After months of violent protests, Maduro, accused of authoritarian tendencies, ordered the creation of a constituent assembly, controlled by the ruling party, to counter the opposition-dominated parliament.

The UN Human Rights Council announced on Tuesday that the Venezuelan security forces have used excessive force to suppress street protests, killed dozens of people and arrested approximately 5.000 people since April.