Paul McCartney died

If you are Beatles fan you have certainly heard about the famous conspiracy theory about how the real Paul McCartney died in 1966 and the man who replaced him it’s actually someone who looks a lot like him.

According to WorldNewsDailyReport, Ringo Starr has revealed during an exclusive interview with Hollywood Inquirer in 2015 that the real Paul McCartney died in a car accident on 9th November 1966.

After the crash, he was replaced by a man named William Shears Campbell, who was the winner of a contest the band would have organized incognito at that time and who happened to look a lot like McCartney.

“When Paul died, we all panicked”, said the Beatles drummer at that time.

“We did not know what to do, and Brian Epstein, our manager, suggested that we hire Billy Shears as a temporary solution. He should have been our colleague for a week or two, but nobody got caught up at that time, so we continued to sing with Billy, who turned out to be a good musician.The only problem was that he did not get along with John (Lennon). ”

Starr claims that, over the years, The Beatles has launched several cryptic messages to prepare the audience for the truth.

He says the album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is full of clues about Paul’s death.

“We wanted to tell the world the truth, but we were afraid of what reaction we could have caused. We thought the whole planet would hate us for the lies and preferred to throw clues.”

According to WorldNewsDailyReport, Ringo Starr finally decided to tell the truth when he turned the 74.

The rumors of McCartney’s death appeared more than 45 years ago but they were constantly denied by band members and their close associates.