Since she was spotted in the pool getting steamy with her Arabian prince, everyone wanted to know who that mystery guy is.

The international press “took care” of the situation and, in less than 24 hours, everything you need to know about Hassan Jameel was revealed… except for one thing and maybe the most important one.

Apparently, Hassan Jameel, the billionaire whose family owns the Tesla Motors franchise in the emirates was married when he met RiRi.

Hassan Jameel was married to estranged wife Lina Lazaar, an art expert whom he tied the knot with in 2012.

According to The Sun, Lina and Hassan lived separated lives for months now and she is currently dating someone else too.

We don’t know a lot of details related to Hassan’s wife but we managed to obtain some pictures.

Lina is quite stunning and one thing is for sure: Hassan has a thing for brunettes.

Last year, the businessman was spotted at a tennis match with Naomi Campbell, whom he allegedly dumped in order to hook up with Rihanna.

Since they were spotted together in June in Ibiza, Rihanna and Hassan haven’t been seen.