Victoria Beckham pizza

The love for fashion may have stolen the smile of the former Spice Girls member, but a disgusting advertising campaign angered Victoria Beckham so bad that she even considers taking legal action against the company who launched it.

In an attempt to promote a new crumbly assortment of pizza, the Sidhu Fish & Chips food chain has decided to name the pizza after the former Spice Girl, who is now a designer.

However, the part which enraged Victoria Beckham was the fact that Sidhu thought it would be fun to make a not-so-cute comparison between the thin crust pizza and Victoria’s caricature (also created by them).

Moreover, Sidhu Fish & Chips didn’t stop there: they named the assortment “Anorexic Fashion Icon”.

One of Victoria’s spokespersons told Telegraph: “It is inappropriate to degrade such a disorder and especially to defame a person with such a reputation. Finally, we will take all legal steps to prevent it from happening. ”