Cristiano Ronaldo suspended

Cristiano Ronaldo might be suspended for 12 matches for the not-so-cool gesture from the Spanish Super Cup, in Real Madrid’s Clasico win on Sunday.

The Spanish press writes the Galactic will be suspended for at least four matches after he lost his cool and shoved referee Ricardo De Burgos.

De Burgos showed Ronaldo a yellow card after the striker scoring and removing shirt on the Camp Nou.

A red card was shown minutes after the Portuguese football legend arrived in the box and shoved the referee.

“Player: Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro. Once the red card was shown, the player pushed me slightly in a sign of disagreement.”

When it comes to these situations, Article 96 of the Spanish Federation Regulation provides a suspension between 4 and 12 matches.

Referee De Burgos noted in the report that “the player pushed me slightly as a sign of disagreement after I showed him the red card”.

According to the Spanish press, if Cristiano will receive a ban of five games or more, the suspension will also apply for the matches from La Liga.